Required Documents – Retired

  1. Signed Client Agreement/Full Application (12 pages)
  2. Client Selfie holding Driver’s License
  3. Color Copy of DL Front and Back (separate attachments)
  4. Color Copy of Soc Sec Card Front and Back (separate attachments)
  5. Utility Bill w/Current Residential Address
    • Utilities I.e. Water, Power, Gas, Waste, Cable/Cell phone may also be used
    • Recent Credit Card Statement acceptable if Utility Bill cannot be provided
  6. Voided Check from Personal Checking Acct
    • If client does not have checks, they may submit a letter on bank letter head stating routing and account information (or) Direct Deposit Form issued by Bank
  7. Credit Monitoring Log in Information for either:
    This log in info must be included on the application
  8. 3 months most recent Bank Statements
  9. Submit 1099-R (3 Monthly or 1 Quarterly)
  10. Proof of Pension – Benefit Verification Letter